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Coding: speaking with computers.

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What is coding?

Coding allows people to speak with computers using words that both humans and computers understand: they’re called programming languages. They’re just like the foreign languages your kids learn in school and anyone can learn them! Kids can use them to communicate with computers and control technology as well as making games, apps and music!

Computers are just a bunch of switches! If a switch is ‘ON’, that means 1. If it’s ‘OFF’, that means 0. This language is called binary code. Human words simply turn  into 1’s and 0’s by code when you type, allowing kids to speak with computers. It’s that easy!

 We at Citytop school, we show your kid how to translate any word into binary.

When you type ‘Banana’, the computer sees…

01000010 01100001 01101110 01100001 01101110 01100001

How bananas!

Who is coding for?

Coding is for anyone who is curious, and is interested in more than just programming. Studies show it teaches kids logical thinking and problem solving. Kids who learn to code become more creative and gain confidence by tackling problems themselves.

Why is coding important for kids?

Coding is the new literacy! Kids who learn to code will shape the world we live in. They will control computers to make them do whatever they want. In 10 years it is predicted more than 10 million jobs will require coding knowledge.

Coding teaches kids to be creative.
They can make, break and fix anything they want.


What can kids do with code?

Coding is not just for engineers. It’s for anyone who wants to be creative. Kids might not start by creating their own website, or sending a rocket to space, but they can easily begin coding their own art, music, games and more, which will lead to bigger things.

Different coding languages have different uses, meaning that each of them allow kids to build different things like scratch, Alice, Java, python, etc….. JavaScript is used to build websites and games. Python for creating databases, and CSS adds color and styling to your favourite websites.

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