Citytop School



Our entrance exam is done via the school portal ,a required fee of #5000 is to be paid into the school verified bank account  before a pupil\student is given access to take the exam .

An account will be generated on the admission portal in other for the pupil/student to take the exam.

The results are generated auntomatically and would be seen immediately exam time expires.

Note: Payment is not refundable

The verified account ;

Account Name: Citytop Schools

Account Number :1016768250

Bank: Zenith 


The tuition is charged based on the class to be admitted which will be communicated during the admission process .

It covers uniform,textbooks,excerise book ,stationerys etc.

All payment are to be sent to the verified  school bank account  and a copy of the receipt should be handed over to the school bursar .


Offer  of admission into the school will be granted after a child has taken the entrance examination.

A provisional offer letter of admission will be sent and all necessary payments are required to be sent to the school verified bank account .

Why Citytop School?

At Citytop School, our aim is to prepare each child for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective and respect for God and humanity.

 Armed with a vision and a mission, the Chief Learning Officer of Citytop school, an educationist and consultant is fully tuned to inculcate good etiquette in each child that passes through the school.


We provide the following features;

👉Fun and safe environment

👉Activity based integrated curriculum

👉Ideal student -Teacher Ratio

👉Jolly phonics and EPL for Early Years
👉Multiple intelligence theory based lessons
👉One to one extra help sessions
👉Teacher’s training for continuous professional development(CPD)


👉Interactive Classroom

👉Multi -media support

👉Computer Laboratory

👉Science Laboratory 

Focus Skills

👉Coding(Computer Programming)
👉Art and Design
👉Science Experimentation
👉Public Speaking
👉Alongside Other School Subjects