Citytop School




Activity Based Integrated Curriculum

Learning is our core purpose at Citytop School where we bring out the creativity in each child.

Our learning and teaching policy emphasizes on individual teaching. Excellent teaching is the basis for personalized support in order to help each pupil/student achieve their best.


18 months to 5 years 

The age range for our preschool is 18months to 5years. We
teach Bristish curriculum with a mix of Montessori and Nigerian curriculum

Our Montessori methodology is committed to serving children
of all religious and ethnic backgrounds between the ages of 2 to 5 years. We
follow the basic Montessori teaching incorporating art, music and movement,
dance and outdoor play activities.


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citytop school student


5 years to 11 years 

The age range of our elementary pupils is age 5 to 11 years.

Teaching from the age of 5 is done by subject teaching and
it is conducted by qualified staff. This gives children from an early age
contact with subject teachers, not available to many children in other settings
until secondary school. Our classes average is around 15 pupils (ideal student
– teacher ratio). Our curriculum and assessment is three blended into one
(British, Nigerian and Montessori). The Elementary School curriculum, in
addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, includes
Geography, ICT, Creativity, Art, Physical Education, Chess, Coding, French and
Nigerian Cultural Studies (NCS). Our aim is to have a standard assessment of
key stage 1 and 2. This gives us an objective assessment of each learner’s
progress and allows us to monitor their academic progress.


Age range: 11 to 16 years.

In Junior high school students are taught in mixed ability
groups for most subjects. We use the information from the Year 7 Entrance Exam and
our own internal assessments to make sure students are rightly placed. In Key
Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) all students learn through carefully selected subjects,
English, mathematics and science are given high priority. Humanities, creative
arts, Modern Foreign Language subject, Coding, as well as Physical and Health
Education and games provide a well rounded education in active learning
environment. Our classes average is 15 pupils (ideal student – teacher
ratio) and also our curriculum and assessment is two blended into one (British
and Nigerian). 


Homework is set regularly and in core subjects like mathematics, English, science, geography, national cultural studies (NCS), coding and handwriting. We monitor the homework being set to maintain high standards.

We also record their homework in their communication book and ask parents to check these every day. We encourage parents to support their child by providing a quiet space and time for homework, taking an interest in the set tasks and providing praise and encouragement.


The quality of our enrichment and extra-curricular activities is very intense with a cross-curricula nature. There is an exciting programme of sporting and creative activities as well as adventurous activities, such as swimming, volley ball, debate, excursion, amongst others.

Coding Program

Coding and programming are all around us and will only get more all-pervasive in the future. Learning to code should become a common part of a child’s education. Coding and coding literacy is one of the most important skills for current and future generations to learn. 

It has been opined that it should form part of a national curriculum on par with a native language, the sciences, and math. It is, therefore, as important to making a living in the modern world as having a good grasp of grammar, spelling, and numeracy. Coding is used to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, art, Web design and to share these creations on the web. At Citytop school, it is ideal for children from the age of 5 to learn to code.